He’s only 17 years old.

Priti Kumari Rai of India is only 17 years old and suffers from severe spinal deformities. In the eighth year she was diagnosed with scoliosis, which is so noticeable that it disturbs the body posture and walking. She passed examinations and treatments of about 10 doctors in New Delphi, but none of them had the courage to operate because such action involves lifelong paralysis, and even death.1Finally she found one who would take the risk and do the operation. Despite the calamitous risks, she decided to try everything in order to possibly fought for a normal life and realize her dream – to work for the government some day.

– I am very excited about the surgery. I’m nervous because I just want to give me a chance to heal, Aa least to try. I am ok with the possibility to finish paralyzed – she said Priti.

Her parents saw changes in her spine in her eighth year, but did not know what was going on. They began to get used to it, until the growths on her back did not become serious. Father Dilip Rai (45) and mother Mena Devi (40) have already lost four sons, and when they discovered that their Priti suffers from scoliosis, they were afraid that she will die too.

– We want her to have a chance to function normally among her friends. Do not look at her with disgust when she walks down the street, but to make friends – said the happy parents for being given the chance.