Fashions and trends often disagree with health, so there are at least 12 pieces of clothing and accessories that should carry the label “dangerous to health”.

Heels on platform

– Although they are terribly sexy, legs in them look longer, but high heels can easily cause arthritis and back problems. Daily wearing heels can cause displacement of the hips and pelvic muscles. Problems with knees and hampered circulation are another “bonus.”

Spitz models are the most dangerous, and doctors advise that the height of the heel shouldn’t be greater than 5 centimeters.


– Although they look comfortable, they can cause serious problems because they don’t rely the heel, and that can make you blisters, injuries and serious fractures.


– Although they are modern and sexy, you can create problems with internal organs. Because contractility of the stomach, problems are possible with breathing and difficult digestion.


– If over-tighten the belt, that can keep you feet froze. Also, possible are problems in the abdomen. Therefore, be careful how Buck.

Mini skirts

– Some doctors argue that wearing miniskirts at a low temperature causes the appearance of cellulite. As explained, when the body is cold it defends so that creates an extra layer of fat which is slowing circulation and increase the risk for the formation of cellulite.

Tight skirts with knees

– Hamper tilt and maintaining balance. However is not excessively dangerous unless you wear them every day.

Body and girdles

– Different models of body and girdles that figure is a big hit, but also there is the risk of breathing problems, and even pains in the stomach.


– More than 70% of women wear the wrong bras, which can cause pain in the neck, back and chest.

Cheap clothes

– Cheap T-shirt can be great to save, but with themselves carry risks. A survey showed that most of the cheap clothing in itself has certain chemical connections that negatively affect on hormone health.

Tight buns and CADD

-Regular wear and strong binding of buns can slow circulation and cause breathing problems.


– If they are crowded, can easily cause pain due to bad posture of body, or curvature of the back.

Huge earrings

– Large, heavy earrings can damage the ear catkins, which further leads to infections and other minor health problems. So don’t buy too heavy models