All of us know the benefits from the veggie consumption, but the pineapple juice and some veggies and fruits can bring great results when we target specific goals.

The following juice is made of nutritious ingredients which can help you lose weight and burn the abdominal fat. It is very easy to prepare and it can prevent constipation, has diuretic effect, provide satiety and speed up the metabolism.

Needed ingredients:

-100 grams of pineapples;
-Small cucumber;
-Two sticks of celery;
-One glass of water;
-Juice of one lemon;
-Half a tsp. of ginger;
-Half of green apple;


Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend them. Consume preferably one glass on an empty stomach, in the morning. It will give you the wanted results in one week. Try not to exceed pineapple juice consumption as it has laxative effects.


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