The nightmare of every parent is to lose a child in a place where is a lot of people. It’s just a moment of carelessness, and they’re gone. To prevent this terrible scenario, it is best to talk with your children what to do if get lost in the crowd. In this way, both of you are prepared in case of emergency.


Now there is an additional way of caution to parents protect children before they go out … and it’s so simple!

A blogger Cherise MekKlimans has an ingenious way to help parents to find their lost child if get lost in the crowd. First, write down the contact to the hand or wrist of a child.

In order to prevent the ink washes, apply several layers of liquid “ bandage“.

When dry, the letters will look like a temporary tattoo.

It will take several hours, even if your child is being washed the hands. In this way, any adult who finds your child will know exactly who to call.

This is a great idea!