Is also called the “perfect food”, bee pollen has an amazing composition. It contains 40% protein in a very simple digestive form, 16 vitamins, 28 minerals and plenty of enzymes. There are also and substances that stimulate the production of hormones, lecithin, fatty acids, nucleic acids and antioxidant phytonutrients.Numerous studies have confirmed antibiotic properties and a role in reducing cholesterol. With consumption of bee pollen immune system strengthens and improves healing of the skin.

It is believed that the pollen acts as a food that reduces aging. Research is done by Dr. Nikolai Tsitsin chief biologist in Longvieti Institute in Vladivostok. 200 residents of Georgia during his life every day consumed fresh bee pollen and lived more than 100 years, some up to 125!

Only fresh, thermally not processed pollen contains all the nutrients and benefits of enzymes.