Eating cheap red meat, processed and filled with various food additives, directly affects the life age, say scientists from the Scottish University of Glasgow.

red meatAccording to the British newspaper The Independent electronic, Scottish sociologists have long ago noticed that Glasgow rich residents live on average 80 years, while the lifespan of the poor does not exceed 54 years.

So far, the actual reason for this phenomenon was not known, but a recent study by scientists from the Institute of Cancer Research at the University of Glasgow managed to reveal the reason. It was revealed that the main reason is that the poor citizens cannot afford to buy quality food. Cheaper meat products harm their health.

The survey showed that a number of dietary food products used by manufacturers of cheap meat products, greatly facilitate the digestibility of phosphate instead of 60 percent to 100 percent digestible, which makes such products more harmful to human health. The damage caused by the phosphate is reflected on the destruction of telomeres, the endings of chromosomes, which ensures the body protection of cardiovascular disease, the development of various cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.

“It’s not a personal choice, the poor cannot choose,” said Professor Paul Shils form the University of Glasgow and warned that “the consequences of unhealthy diets like this are inevitable and very serious.”

According to researchers, to reduce the ruinous effect of cheap meat on the body in the diet should include larger amounts of fruits and vegetables.