Bile stones are built from salts of cholesterol and are grouped into the gallbladder, a body located under the liver.


Bile ducts are small tubes through which carries bile fluid, which in turn helps discharge of fat from the liver.

You may long to have stones in the gallbladder, while not having any symptoms that would have indicated, until the trouble begin and you suffer a pain. It usually is the stage when the surgery is inevitable.

They can also stop the flow of liquid from the gallbladder and liver, and cause jaundice.

Chinese Doctor Lai Chiu Nan, invented amazing formula that helps eject calcification of the gallbladder. His method gives amazing results!

Method according to Dr. Lai Chiu Nan:

At 6 pm on the 6th day drink 1 teaspoon of magnesium sulfate with a glass of warm water.

At 8 am, 2 cups of warm water.

At 10 am, a tablespoon of olive or sesame oil with a squeezed lemon and a little warm water.

The next day (the seventh day) should be noticed green stones in your stool.

The doctor said that there are cases when patients expel even 40-50 stones.

Dr. Nan, also recommends this official treatment for those who have no problem with stones in the gallbladder, as prevention.