Eyelids may begin to droop due to many factors such as heredity, habits and long-term aging.

For drooping eyelids there is a natural and organic remedy that is very easy to make and all you need is an egg.

EyelidsYou will need:

  • one egg
  • a cotton swab


Clean makeup on your eyelid and dry it. Then dip cotton swab into egg white and close the lid. After that you need to rub the lid with the cotton swab (do not need much).

Keep lids closed and wait until it dries. Sit in front of the fan in order to speed up drying.

That is all! You should try again if it does not work the first time. You can apply it several times (slightly lower or higher) until you find out the exact place where are the best results. The final results will amaze you.

Source: http://www.narodnamedicina.info/index.php/2016/06/11/snazan-lijek-za-vase-spustene-kapke-vidjet-cete-rezultate-u-samo-2-minute/