When you have a little life in your abdomen and heart that is ticking, there is no better feeling!

However, as your body changes, you need to change some habits.

pregnant-womanFor example, how it is to sleep with a big belly?

  1. Sleeping on the left side is healthier than the right,

What is the reason? Then more blood and nutrients reach the fetus.

  1. Sleep on the belly, not the back
  2. Cushions for pregnant women can be of great help.
  3. Do not consume liquids before bedtime!

Pressing bladder fetus may contribute to your constant need to urinate, which becomes even worse if you drink plenty of water.

  1. Wear comfortable and loose clothing
  2. Do not go to bed upset. Stress is not good for the body, especially when you are pregnant.
  3. And most important: Sleep whenever you can…


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