During the hot days we sweat more, and because of walking thighs suffer because your feet rub against each other and appear redness, itching, rashes and sometimes sores.


Mostly fat people suffer friction between the legs, but happens to those slim, sometimes due to anatomical features, and sometimes some other reasons.

Friction and dark spots on intimate places will disappear and will not appear again if you follow these three simple but very useful advices.

How to avoid friction between the legs

  1. You can use deodorant in stick not only for the armpits. Apply smaller amount of deodorant on the affected part between the legs: besides refreshing effect, deodorant will not save your skin from friction.

It is understood that is applied to clean, dry skin.

  1. Baby powder can turn into a real salvation for adults. Apply also on clean and dry skin.
  2. Coconut oil excellently absorbed into the skin and does not leave any traces. You can use it also in cse of consequences of friction, as it effectively reduces irritation, redness, heals wounds and provides a complete skin care.


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