Many people have been in this situation: After a long day at work, you lie down in bed and you’re happy to go to sleep. Suddenly you have a cramp in your leg and you feel terrible pain and you cannot sleep.

grceviWhy do we have cramps? In fact, there are many reasons why appears this unpleasant pain. We will reveal some reasons.

  1. You are cold at night.

This is indeed a double-edged sword, because you sleep better when is not very hot in the room. The best you can do is to hold the window open (of course, not when it’s the middle of winter) and make sure your feet are well covered. It is not clear why cold feet cause cramps, but some theories suggest that muscle cramp and cramps are the result of poor circulation.

  1. Exercise

It is essential to practice regularly and take care of your health. Generally speaking, strong muscles are less prone to cramps, or shortly after exercise there is a possibility that you have cramps, if you do not stretch enough.

  1. Lack of water

If your body is dehydrated, then the muscles tend to cramps. Since your legs are the largest muscles, they are most vulnerable. If you sweat of exercise and not drinking enough water, your muscles will cramp. If you sweat a lot, consume a lot of electrolytes, which can be found in sports drinks.

  1. Standing all day

People who have to be on their feet most of the day because of their job are partially at risk because their legs are under constant stress. If you have to wear shoes with high heels, you’ll definitely feel the consequences. This helps you to take a break from standing and avoid wearing high heels.

  1. Eat bananas

Even athletes are using this trick. Bananas have a lot of magnesium, which helps develop muscles and relaxes your body after exercise. And they are very tasty!

  1. Soap

This trick might sound a bit strange at first, but it really works. Put the soap between the bedding and mattresses. It sounds completely unbelievable, but thousands of people swear by this trick.

  1. Hot shower

If your muscles are warm, blood vessels expand and more blood and oxygen reaches the muscles. This is why it is a good hot bath to fight cramps.

  1. The juice of pickles.

Most people will say this is disgusting, but the juice is really good for you. The reason lies in the electrolyte. This juice is full of them. Mix salt, vinegar and sugar is ideal to restore electrolytes in shape.