When a pregnant woman wondering why babies are doing that, they will answer that babies are just trying to embrace them from the inside. Every small action will make you wonder what they’re trying to do. And here’s the answer.

The hit points to correct the baby’s health, its development and activity

The baby reacts instantly to changes in the environment, especially when it hears some outside sounds

When you lie on your left side, the baby’s kicking is growing, because it increases the blood supply to the fetus

Mothers can expect a higher number of kicks after a meal

The baby starts kicking when it reaches nine weeks in the stomach

Fewer strokes may point to poor health of your baby and insufficient amount of oxygen

If you reduce the number of strokes after 36 weeks, then it is normal

Kicking occur when the baby feels what is in your environment

Reduced kicks are not always mean that something is wrong, because it might just resting in the womb about 40-50 minutes

In the first pregnancy, the kicking occurred between 16 and 25 weeks of pregnancy, while the other pregnancy is only in week 25


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