The olive oil has more unsaturated fat than any other oil, and therefore it is one of the healthiest fat.

Each olive oil has about the same amount of calories – in one tablespoon about 120 calories and about 14 grams of fat. Its colors, from light to dark brown has nothing to do with its quality, but over time the olive harvest and method of processing.olive oilAlthough many people use it, often do not know how to properly store, worry about minor changes in appearance and taste, or are not sure how long his shelf life. However, olive oil is the true liquid gold that must be used often.

“Light” version of olive oil

There is also new type of olive oil. Namely, it is about “light” olive oil. Any mention of “light”, refers to the color and flavor of the oil. The only reason why you should choose “light” oils is that it is more refined and neutral. Is it an advantage?

Are you afraid to cook with olive oil?

The truth is that the extra-virgin olive oil has a lower temperature smoke from some other species that are commonly recommended for frying and cooking. But according to a study published in the Journal of The Science, the smoke point is still good enough that you can cook in olive oil with no worries.

The smoke point of olive oil is a medium-high and extra high temperature resistance provides the natural antioxidants from oils such as squalene and vitamin E which keep the oil from spoiling and the formation of harmful compounds.

Extra virgin oil is the purest form of olive oil, and contains the highest oleic acid, so there’s really no reason to use it just for salads.

As soon as it get a bitter taste to throw it in the trash

If you notice that the oil got slightly bitter taste, does not mean it’s spoiled, but may indicate a higher presence of antioxidants.

If you have a fresh extra virgin olive oil, you should also feel the olives, and some grassy and fruity tastes.

Do not keep it in a cool, light place

In order to have it as long as possible, the oil must be stored in a dark glass bottle and dry and not very warm place.

If you keep it in a warm place, polyphenols will change, and this means that the quality of the oil will be worse. It should be kept in the cold and dark place, but not in the refrigerator because it will get a structure like butter.

Expiration date

Some will say that olive oil is stored properly can last for years, but this is not true. Once you open it, the oil should be spent in maximum one year since then has the same composition or nutritional value.