faceMask made of yeast may transform the skin in a miraculous way. We can rightfully call rejuvenating, thanks to its high content of vitamin C, B and PP in yeast.

These vitamins, in combination with other substances (amino acids, enzymes and minerals), are excellent for smooth and healthy skin.

The most important, for the preparation of masks is to use fresh yeast, dry – does not correspond. I suggest a few recipes of masks, which will help not only the preservation of youth and beauty, but you will never stop to use it in the care of your skin.

Face masks of yeast:

  1. 1. Mask with yeast for cleansing facial skin

The simplest, but very effective mask for cleansing of pimples and blackheads is prepared in the following way: it is necessary to dissolve a small quantity of yeast in warm water. Immediately apply it to cleansed face and leave it on until it is completely dry. As you finish it wash your face with cool water.

  1. Nourishing mask from yeast for dry facial skin

1 teaspoon honey, 1 tablespoon flour, stirs well with 20 g of yeast. Dilute with warm boiled milk to a homogeneous mixture and apply on your face for 20 minutes. Mask rinse with warm water.

  1. Mask of yeast for oily skin

For this mask will be required kefir (or yogurt) and 20 g of yeast. Mix these two ingredients well and apply to cleansed face. After 20 minutes, the mask will be dry. Rinse your face with warm water.

  1. The screen of yeast for normal skin

Mix 30 g of yeast with 2 tablespoons of hot steamed milk. Apply it to cleansed face for 15 minutes. As you finishes rinse your face with hot water.

  1. Whitening mask

This mask not only whitening the skin, but also it is nutritive. Mix 20 g of yeast with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. You can also use grapefruit juice or cranberry. After that, when you mix the mask, put the dish with it into another dish with hot water and leave it for 2-3 minutes. Apply the mask on your face and neck for 20 minutes. It is necessary to wash the mask off with warm water, and then apply moisturizer.

Masks with yeast are the ideal solution for your face, if you use any of them 1-2 times a week.