Something terrible happens, all of us have a moral duty to be human towards other people and help them. The recent Hurricane Harvey left people and areas with horrific consequences. Everyone was trying and is still trying to help other people who were more affected.

The staff at Sake Sushi Bar and Lounge located in Port Arthur, Texas did that precisely.

Media haven’t said or written anything about these people but Keith Nguyen decided to share the story of the kindness of his father Phe Nguyen and his uncle Binh Nguyen. They prepared very delicioud food for all the people who didn’t have anything to eat.

In his Facebook post, Keith says that they were also affected by the terrible hurricane, but nothing could stop them to prepare more than 1000 meals for all the victims, volunteers and first responders.

They really deserve to be appreciated even though they are very humble and don’t even mention this kind gesture. Everyone is invited to visit their restaurant called “Sake Sushi Bar and Lounge” in Port Arthur, Texas.

His Facebook post was shared by people over 244,000 times on Facebook and over 8,500 times on other sites and pages.

People are very lucky to have these men and are extremely grateful. Their faith in humanity is restored and they believe that there are still some good people who can always help someone in need. Everyone blesses Phe Nguyen and Binh Nguyen for their generosity.
The Nguyen brothers claim that they inherited the generosity from their father.
Everyone going for Texas or in Port Arthur should definitely visit their restaurant!

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