If you overdo it with cycling, you will have great figure, but you can compromise your sexual sensitivity.

Although any physical activity is excellent for the health and appearance, a very popular and accessible exercise could badly affect your sex life. It is about cycling, training and classic.

vaginaThe results of recent research published in the journal “The Journal of Sexual Medicine” shows that too much time on the bike can desensitize your vagina, or weaken your sexual experience.

The study involved women engaged in running and cycling, and the condition was that all they yarn at least 16 kilometers a week.

Then it was discovered that bicycles whose steering wheel is below the seat lead to more pressure on the genitals, and even more affect the loss of genital sensitivity.

However, this problem is not associated exclusively for the fairer sex by a passion for cycling. The lack of gender sensitivity can occur in men, and in extreme cases can even lead to erectile dysfunction.

Of course, our advice is not to give up the enjoyment of the sport, but do not overdo it, and if there is a problem, perhaps you may consider some new cardio-discipline.


Source: http://www.telegraf.rs/zivot-i-stil/2367021-voziti-bicikl-je-super-za-telo-ali-za-vasu-vaginu-je-katastrofa