Common millet is accessible, simple and really great tool for healing the kidneys. Many argue that millet helps them to forget the problems with the kidneys.

In traditional medicine is used as a natural remedy for the treatment of urolithiasis (formation of stones in the urinary tract). Efficiently cleans the kidneys, eliminates sand, removes the small stone from kidney and bladder, as well and cure cystitis.

Otherwise, the millet is one of the most famous grains, which possessing high nutritional value and medicinal properties. We offer you a truly wonderful and effective prescription of Russian traditional medicine for the treatment of kidney, which will help in cleaning.

Recipe for removal of stones from the kidney:

In the evening 1 cup (200 g) millet, wash it in hot water.

Pour the millet in large jar (3 liters) and pour 2/3 jars with hot boiled water. Fold and wrap in something warm and leave to stay overnight like that. In the morning you will see white and opaque liquid in the jar. It is your cure. Pour the liquid into another container. Drink it throughout the day without limitation, in any quantity, when you want.

Do not dispose the millet. Boil healthy pulp and use it for breakfast (1 cup millet, 3 cups water, is boiled for 15 minutes). In the evening, prepare a new portion for the next day, following the same procedure. This drink should drink 10-15 minutes.

Result: After 10-15 days the stones will melt and will come out along with the urine and kidneys will remain clean of sand and rocks. Inflammation is eliminated, is restored kidney tissues and organs of the urinary tract.

This cereal is not expensive and you can find in all stores for a healthy diet. The introduction of millet in your diet will contribute to the health of your kidneys.