When a policeman stopped her, it turned out that the teacher was driving with incredible 3.3 promiles of alcohol in the blood. However, the court could not do anything to her!BREWERYIn the US state of New York these days came to an end an unprecedented judicial process. Thirty years old teacher, police took her to the police station because she had 3.3 promiles of alcohol in the blood, freed of all charges for driving drunk.

It is a really rare and bizarre case, because, as it turned out, this woman is not fault. The point is that she suffers from an extremely unusual “auto-pub” syndrome.

It is a metabolic disorder where the body instead of the normal digest food, let it ferment in the stomach and turns it into pure ethanol. Simply, the digestive system of this woman is full of yeast.

At any time of day she would be tested to alcohol, the results will show between one and four promiles. Nevertheless, she is functioning somewhat normal, while most others would faint due to alcohol poisoning.

Unfortunately, other tests have shown that people who suffer from this syndrome have trouble maintaining balance and general coordination of movement, and therefore they should not drive a car, but there is no clause in the law which would ban them to obtain driving license.

According to the law, they are completely drunk, but normally move and work by the day. However, it is a relatively unexplored disease.

What do you think? Does this woman abuses her illness and whether she should not have a driving license?