When you woke up this morning, you’ve done it with a whole new part of the body, at least in the eyes of science. You can’t see or touch it, but has a key role in the understanding of neurological diseases and immunity.

Scientists from the Medical School of the University of Virginia have discovered a long hidden system of lymphatic vessels, or ‘the central nervous system of lymphatic vessels’, which performs lymph drainage from the brain to the surrounding lymph nodes.

This discovery shook the scientific community. The team led by Antoine Louveaua discovered vessels after Louveau developed a method of observation meningitis mouse without damaging the delicate tissue.

This discovery is neuroimmunological variant of discovery of unicorn. Not that this lymphatic system remained undiscovered until now, but also all the major textbooks claimed that not exist.

Crazy of vessels

When all the other tissues in the body inflammation molecules and pathogens end up in the local lymph nodes where immune cells are activated and continue to struggle.

“It was thought that in the brain such system doesn’t exist. When we first saw these vessels, I was shocked, “said Jonathan Kipnis, director of the Center for Immunology and glial brain cells.

Deeply hidden location of the lymph vessels is the reason why they are so long undiscovered. They are in the dural venous sinuses, which draw blood from internal and external neck blood vessels. Also nearby are the main blood vessels, which were concealed from view.