When animal species invade lands that are foreign to them, it tends to cause a great deal of panic and hysteria for the residents of the area where they have arrived. In many instances, the description of their presence when it is reported on the news can sound like something straight out of a low budget science fiction movie.

The New Guinea flatworm is the latest menace to make its way into areas where they are not wanted and its dark colored upper body is juxtaposed with an orange stripe down the center of their backs. They subsist on snails and slugs and have no natural predators because of their foul taste.

They were first found in Miami, Florida and local agriculture and wildlife officials have launched an investigation into their habits. The results are certainly every bit as ugly as you may have expected.

These worms have the ability to consume rats and mice and when they dine on these animals, they pass on lungworm infections. From there, the infections are then transmitted to humans who are exposed to any air particles that have been contaminated by the rodent droppings.

The worms can even cause damage to humans merely by vomiting, as the vomit secretes a toxin that can easily corrode human skin. Florida wildlife officials believe that the predator worms made their way into the United States as many other predators have, by hitching a free ride through the shipment of international goods.

If you would like to learn more about these worms and the damage that they are capable of inflicting upon humans who do not know better, be sure to check out the clip below, so that you can take a closer look. Do you have friends and loved ones who reside in Florida? If so, take a moment to pass this clip along to them as soon as possible.


Source: http://fitandhealthy24.com/2017/03/28/see-one-slugs-inside-house-dial-911-immediately/