tetovazaWhile some tattoos to be trendy, others use tattoos as a way to express their attitude about something, while others see art. However, many people do not know how tattoos affect their bodies.

Using slow motion footage in the online show “Smarter Euro Day” is shown how a tattoo is crating and explained why it is not washed of the skin.

Electricity with the help of electromagnetism starts the pump in the tattoo machine which then discharges the color, and the color enters under your skin through the needle. Needles turn penetrates beneath the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and therefore our tattoos hurt. But why stay permanently under the skin.

As it is about very thin needles that rapidly penetrate the skin and do not go deep, the skin does not bleed as if to scrape a cut or something accidentally stabbed.

In addition, there are two types of pins, one for drawing lines and those for drawing shadows.

See how it looks in the following video: