When it comes to the hygiene of the ears, less is better! The inside of the ear is sensitive and vulnerable, so if you use sticks for cleaning may cause infection and pain.

Many simply do not realize that this can be dangerous!

Only in England, every year, 7.000 people are hospitalized because they use ear sticks and because of the great pressure they hurt the inside part of the ear.

This way the ear wax is pushed inside the ear.

Doctors are familiar with this and they strongly oppose the use of sticks. Your ear cleanses itself, believe it or not!

If you still decide to use them, do this:

Here you can see what happens when you go to the doctor because of this problem:


Source: http://think24.mk/2016/09/04/koga-ke-go-vidite-seto-ova-nikogash-povechke-nema-da-koristite-stapchina-za-ushi/