The first seasonal cucumbers allredy can be purchased at the markets, and affter you find out what all abundance of valuable substances hiding this vegetable and how can put at the service of your health and beauty, even now you will run on a new supply.Studies have shown that they are delicious and refreshing, cucumbers are excellent source of vitamins from group B, potassium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin C and copper. In addition to the salad you can take advantage of them and of the following ways:

1. Instead of one more cup of coffee when you are tired and exhausted rather reach for a cucumber. Nibble it, preferably unpeeled because in such a form contains vitamin A and phosphorus.

2. Cut it into fetic and rub the area affected by cellulite. Phytochemicals from the cucumber will affect on collagen synthesis and skin wil becomes firmer, and ugly deposits less noticeable.

3. Also you can do with the parts of the face that you want to “chase” wrinkles: skin will become firmer and youthful, and wrinkles less noticeable.

4. When you catch the attack of hunger, nibble cucumber instead caloric and nutritionally less valuable snack. Not only is it full of vitamins, minerals and water – cucumber contains ingredients that reduce hunger pangs.

5. When you’re stressed, cut the cucumber into chunks and place it in hot water. The fragrance that will relieve the tension, will drive away the tension.

6. If you are tormented  by bad breath, reach for a cucumber: they will kill bacteria that cause odor.

7. If you’ve gone too far with alcohol, before going to sleep, eat cucumber: thanks to its biochemical composition, will reduce the symptoms of a hangover.