A mom Tennis Džeks-Blake from Alberta recently went to the beach, with a desire to enjoy the day and the pleasant weather. However, her good mood quickly disappeared, because a group of people laughed at her. This might not hurt Tennis if that was not her first trip to the beach in a bikini in the past 13 years – since she gave a birth. Therefore, she has sent a public letter to this group of people, because she wanted to tell them all that at that moment she was unable to.

she“I’m sorry, you were horrified because of my first attempt to sunbathe in a bikini in the past 13 years” she wrote. “I’m sorry that my stomach is not flat and toned. I’m sorry that my stomach is covered with stretch marks. ” Then she continued. “I’m not sorry that my body carried, fed, protect, born and took care about FIVE fantastic, healthy, intelligent and beautiful human beings,” says this proud mom.

“I’m sorry that my 33-year old body of 56 kilograms so offended that you felt the need to point the finger at me, laugh at me and act like kicking me,” says Tennis and continues: “But you must know that, while I watched your ‘perfect’ young bodies, I wondered what great and incredible work your bodies have done? I would also like you to know that I proudly raised my head, I did not even blink when you’re making fun of me, I pretended that what you say does not affect me; but I was crying in the car on my way home. ”

Tennis published her letter on the social network Facebook, and so far she was publicly supported by hundreds of people. One of the comments of support is particularly special.

“My wife gave birth to five children … We call her stretch marks ‘love stories’. That’s wonderful. The real men are proud of these stretch marks! ”

Source: http://www.novonovo.info/zanimljivosti/odusevila-svijet-mamu-petoro-djece-ismijali-na-plazi-zbog-strija-pogledajte-kako-im-je-odgovorila/