Mustard is known primarily in combination with sausages. This yellow liquid has much more to offer besides good taste. Mustard is the real secret weapon in terms of effects on the body.


  1. Cramps

If you have cramps in the foot or leg that just do not want to stop, you can help so if you rub the affected area with a tablespoon of mustard. Mustard has anti-inflammatory properties, which are particularly useful in sore or strained muscles.

If, for example, you have muscle pain, you can pour the mustard in the bath water. Then rub the mustard well on painful places and after 20 to 30 minutes relief should occur.

Mustard also helps with digestive problems because the mustard has the ability to detoxify the body and stimulates blood circulation.

  1. Hair regenerator

Mix mustard with a little olive oil, then massage into the hair. You can leave the mixture overnight on the head, or mustard should stay half an hour on the hair. After, rinse the hair as usual and wash it with the shampoo you usually use.

  1. Skin Regenerator

Mustard contains sulfur. It helps your skin to stay healthy and reduce pimples. It is best to take the mustard and mix it with coconut oil and rub your face. Apply a mask after ten minutes.

  1. Sore throat

Mustard is a natural help with sore throats, along with some onions, honey and lemon. Mustard is a miracle in the fight against pain. You just need 1 teaspoon mustard powder or mustard with lemon, a pinch of sea salt, a tablespoon of honey and a cup of water and mix only. Wait 15 minutes and then gargle well.

  1. Diet

At each meal, take a little mustard – about 20 grams – to burn the calories and up to 20% more fat. Mustard stimulates fat burning, and melts kilograms.

  1. Burns

In case of burns cool the affected area under cold running water. This should immediately relieve the pain. Apply enough thick layer of mustard and wait to act. Very soon you will feel a relief.