Before reading this if you have tried many remedies already but nothing worked for you, then this post might be a blessing for you. Many people have already tried this remedy and it works almost in all cases.

For this remedy, you will need just 1 ingredient that is easily available in every home and that is anise seeds

Many of us already know about this and today I will tell you some effective methods to use these to reduce your belly fat super fast

Drink 1 glass of anise water in morning with empty stomach, 30 minutes before breakfast every day. To prepare this add  1 spoon of these seeds in 1 glass water, leave it overnight. In morning boil this water and drink it when it is lukewarm

Chew some of them after every meal, it acts a great mouth freshener and at the same time boost your metabolism and helps in digestion

Anise seeds is very rich in fiber, it also removes extra water from your body.