Milk is very good for our health, but in addition can also be used for other purposes. So let’s start…

plantsRemoving stains

Enzymes from the milk are good for removing stains, even those worst. Soak the garment in milk, and rinse.

Greener and more beautiful gardens

Instead of using products that are harmful and full of toxic chemicals it is better to mix one part of milk with nine parts water in a spray bottle and spray on plants. This will free them from harmful substances.

Removing makeup

Just soak a cotton ball into a milk (you can add a few drops of almond oil) and easily remove makeup. It is better and healthier than using slides full of chemicals.

Beautiful skin

Nourishes the skin and relieves pain from insect bites. Also, the milk soothes and burns.


If your dishes changed the appearance and you cannot remove some stains, feel free to use the milk. Milk will help you keep your dishes look like before. Just soak the dishes in milk and let it stay overnight and you will be satisfied with the results.

We hope these tips will be useful.

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