Although there are really a lot, here we mention some strange natural cures that are very effective.

The old saying – Do not say anything if you have not tried it, but to go with a slow presentation of strange natural remedies.

Many are skeptical about natural remedies, or alternative approach of treatment, but many of these drugs work very well. They in fact cure the disease, and that is their purpose.

In the recent history it was proved that natural remedies are equals, compared to commercial products. Although the official medicine has taken a leading role in the treatment of the disease, many people still opt for natural remedies. Some alternative medicine help and some do not. Nothing strange, because it is the same with commercial medications as well – beneficial for someone and for someone not. Treatment success depends on many factors. For better success in treatment it is required good will, a strong character and a healthy mental and physical condition of the person. Treatment should favor the person, and needs to be properly implemented. All this has a strong influence to reach the goal, and not just take medication and expect miracles.

Going back to the original topic, below we will mention strange natural cures that work great. So let’s start…

Many people, mostly men, have a big problem with the unpleasant smell of feet. To be more direct – having smelly feet. This is due to the smell of bacteria that live on the feet, and it does not necessarily mean a lack of personal hygiene.

Get rid of the smell with the help of vodka

Many commercial products are intended exclusively for solving this problem, but rarely that works well as it does this natural remedy. However, this is not the true sense of the word natural remedy, but is certainly a good alternative. If you have a problem with smelly feet, use the large percentage of alcohol which has Vodka. Vodka will literally eliminate all colonies of bacteria on your feet, and the effect of evaporation, which it contains, will help to make all the moisture from your feet just go away. Simply soak a clean cloth in vodka and wipe your feet. It will surely help you.

You can remove warts with duct tape

Warts are terrible, bother us, and certainly we want to solve them. Today there is no effective, 100% efficient commercial drug which removes warts. There are many natural solutions for this problem, but even this approach is not always effective for everyone. However, for this method may not have heard, but they say that it is almost 100% effective. Remove warts using duct tape. Specifically it is about the so-called duct tape, used in the following way: Take a small piece of duct tape and cover the wart with it. Leave so that it stands a week, and remove the tape and clean the surface of the skin underneath. Repeat the process once again, and so on until the wart disappears. Warts will disappear because the adhesive tape blocks the supply of oxygen, which results in stopping the growth of warts, and its disappearance. Be persistent and we are sure that the warts disappear.

Many have used Aspirin against acne and say it works

Another alternative treatment. Although in this case it is about a well-known drug of the official pharmacy, Aspirin is not expected to act against acne. Why is this so? In fact, aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid, which is very similar to the salicylic acid which is the main ingredient of most anti-acne preparations. Crush aspirin, and add just enough water to make a creamy mixture. Apply the aspirin on the area with acne and allow to dry. Then rinse with water. Aspirin will remove the newly acne in a few hours.

Toothpaste will help against insect bites

We all have problems with insect bites, and stings, mostly of the mosquitoes. To release the unpleasant feeling of itching use the toothpaste. Put a little toothpaste only on the tip of your finger and apply to the affected area. Toothpaste will provide you with a cooling sensation that will eliminate an uncomfortable feeling.