Every third person suffers from back pain, especially on cold days as the backbone does not “like” winter.

If you have this problem, especially in the lower part, try to resolve it with the help of a universal remedy – garlic. It is necessary to fry ten cloves in oil, put them in a cotton cloth and then wrap placed on the sore spot. Allow to stand for at least three hours, and repeat the treatment several days in succession.

The best effect is achieved if additionally you drink a potion made from garlic and milk. It is made by four cloves, finely mashed and mixed with 200 ml of milk, and then the liquid is put on the fire until it boils. You can add honey in order to neutralize the taste.


Source: http://www.narodnamedicina.info/2017/02/21/muce-vas-bolna-leda-izlijecite-ih-bijelim-lukom/