Doctors claim that one apple a day is sufficient for a long and healthy life. In fact, this fruit is full of vitamins and minerals that reinforce immunity,  and in our regions is available through the whole year.Accelerates the ripening of other fruits

Apples emit a gas that accelerates the ripening of fruits such as banana, kiwi and tomatoes. Place a one apple or a few slices of apple in a bag of green bananas and leave to work its part, or hard fruits to become soft and sweet.

Strengthens the legs

It’s strange, but true. Squeezing apple is an exercise that strengthens leg muscles. Put apple between your knees and try to squash using only the power of your legs. Repeat this exercise several times a day in 10 seconds.

Softens the brown sugar

Many people avoid brown sugar because its crystals are glued to quickly and form a solid mass. When that happens lumps of sugar put in a separate section where you will put a piece of apple.

Beautifies the skin

Use the nutritious apples to the beautification. Grate the apple, mix a bit brown sugar and with this exfoliating clean the face. Or make a face mask with grated apples, cereals and olive oil, to freshen up your appearance.

As decorations in the home

Dry, thin slices of apple as healthy chips. But instead in mouth put them on the Christmas tree.Eliminating the feeling of nausea

Are you one of those people who do not submit the journey for anxiety? The next time when you start on the road, eat one green apple. Green apples can reduce the symptoms of migraine.

Keeps the freshness of the bread and cookies

If you want the bread to stand more days, put the apple pieces to it. Apples are great moisturizers that will keep the freshness of your groceries.

Beautifies the smell of the home

You do not have to spend extra money for flavoring agents. Instead, make a mixture of dehydrated apples, cinnamon, orange peel and carnation.