Preparation and ingredients for the preparation of Sweden tincture. This drug has such wide application, so our advice is to prepare it by yourself.swidish

  • Aloe (leaves) – 10 g
  • The resin of fir – 5 g
  • Saffron (pistils) or iris (root) – 0.2 g
  • Acacia (flowers) – 10 g
  • Laurel (leaf) or cinnamon – 10 g
  • Rhubarb roots – 10 g
  • Gentian (root) – 10 g
  • White ash (leaves) – 10 g
  • Juniper (crushed berries) – 10 g
  • Fennel or anise – 4 g
  • Carline sieve (Carla acaulis) – 5 g
  • Angelica (root) – 10 g


Put this mixture in a 2 litters jar. Add 1.5 liters of vodka 40% and close well. Let it stay in the sun (in summer), or in a warm room (in winter), 14 days. Every day should be shaken.

On the fifteenth day, strain the contents of the jar and the resulting tincture kept in a closed, glass bottles in a cool place. Shake well before use.

How to use:

External and internal usage

Anoint the affected area with Calendula ointment, then dip the towel in hot water, squeeze it, moisten the Swedish tincture and put it on the affected area, and let it stand for 4-6 hours.

Sweden tincture is used in the following diseases:

  • Cefalea (severe headache), dizziness, nausea, impaired memory. Wrap, dipped in tincture, is placed on the forehead and the nape
  • Neurasthenia (weakness of nerves), feelings of depression, psychosis, epilepsy, stuttering, craniocerebral trauma (injuries of the skull and the brain). The wrap is placed on the occipital part of the head
  • Mastoiditis (inflammation of part of the temporal bone behind the ear shells). Compress with tincture is put on the sore spot, and ear pad soaked in tincture. Efficiently and at a hearing impairment after experienced trauma, as well as birth defects, pain and humming in the ears
  • Heart disease – put the wrap with a tincture on the area of the heart
  • Aftosa (surface-inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth with shallow sores), dental (dental) neuralgia. The area of the oral cavity is coated with the (outside) tincture.
  • Dysphagia (difficulty and pain when swallowing). The oral cavity is rinsed with the tincture, which is diluted in tea.
  • Diseases of the stomach and gallbladder, colitis (inflammation of the colon) – placed compresses
  • Hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), intestinal parasitosis. It is put a compress on the stomach
  • Hemorrhoids, fistulas in the area of the anus
  • Cancer
  • Burns, ulcers, erysipelas, the scars of hernia, wounds, contusions, frostbite
  • Rheumatic pain.

Internally taking this medicine:

1 teaspoon of the Sweden tincture in 150 ml of tea or water.