Potato, carrot, parsley root and celery root, peel and cut into small cubes and boil them separately, leave them to cooling, and all these ingredients mix it.It is one of the easier salads that you can do, but certainly it is one of the most delicious.


4 potatoes

3 carrots

2 roots of parsley

1 root of celery

½ pounds of peas

4 large pickled cucumbers

1 bigger sour apple

3 deciliters mayonnaise

1 small spoon mustard

½ deciliters sour cream



Potatoes, carrots, parsley root and celery root peel them, cut them in cubes and boil them separately, allow to cooling, and mix all together. Add the peas which have previously boiled (may be the one for cans), cucumber and peeled apple that you have been cut into small cubes. Mix it. Mix the mayonnaise with mustard, then add it, then add and the cream. Add salt to taste. Mix it good and serve the salad decorated with mayonnaise and hard boiled eggs.