New research has shown that drinking tea is perhaps the smartest decision in favor of the improvement of health. New published studies have shown that tea is great for losing excess weight and prevents cancer and other chronic diseases, and in addition to all this is information that tea improves the mood!Considering this research greatly accelerated scientific knowledge about tea and our health. Research published in the journal Medical News Today consider that is irrelevant whether you drink iced or hot tea, the effect is the same. Scientists concluded, studying polyphenol (natural ingredient of tea), that he increases the level of energy and melt the fats in the body. People who consumed green tea lost on average 1.3 kg over 12 weeks, at some time taking care of the nutrition. Polyphenol from green tea reduces the progression of some diseases. In one study, the researchers perceived that from the prostate cancer diseased 3% of men who regularly drank tea. In contrast of that, 30% of men which takes a placebo suffering from prostate cancer.

Studies which were conducted in Italy have shown that black tea lowers blood pressure and also reduces the negative effect of too much fatty and unhealthy meal. Tea consumption is associated with strong bones, especially helps when it comes to early osteoporosis. It is also noted that one cup of tea a day improves the concentration.