Tea originated from ancient China, and in Europe the first time reached via Amsterdam back in far 1610 year. Europe well accepted and tea quickly became a symbol of friendship, harmony and closeness between people.Distinguish the herbal teas from our region that we consider useful and popular ones who are too advertised, bow in the world and in our country that are attributed various medicinal properties and those who are supposedly rich in antioxidants, continuing the life time and positively affect of the operation of the heart. There are and heavy dark teas that contain ingredients that are similar to those of coffee, and thanks to tannin reduce the absorption of iron and their frequent consumption can cause anemia.


In Israel has conducted research where the children were given green tea from Georgia. The study showed that those children who regularly consumed these teas were more anemic. Also in some subjects in their bloodstream were recorded poorly developed blood cells.

Doctors because of these negative performances recommend consumption of domestic teas.

HIBISCUS – intense color, mild flavor and pleasant taste is a winning combination if you are looking for your favorite tea. This tea is rich in vitamins A and C, and acts as an antiseptic. Help with colds, insomnia, heart disease, constipation, high blood pressure, liver problems and high cholesterol.

MINT – this tea because of its pleasant taste often is recommended to young children, especially if they have problems with sinuses. Is a excellent source of minerals, iron, manganese and magnesium. Help with PMS, gastritis, bronchitis, fungal infections, depression, acid reflux, nausea, migraines.

NETTLE – this tea is known as a cure that stimulates the digestive system, liver, pancreas, reduces pain in the stomach, purifies the blood and strengthens the immunity. Helps with anemia, diseases of the liver, inflammation of the urinary tract, hair loss, regulation of digestion, diabetes, and pulmonary disorders.

SAGE – This magical herb cure many diseases. Except for medical use sage is used and as a spice in many dishes. Help with war against fever, joint pain, excessive sweating, nervousness, headache, bronchitis and influenza.

CHAMOMILE – grows by itself on not-cultivated fields, is available to all, has a pleasant smell and taste. Help with fever, rheumatism, heat illness, eye infection, stomach problems, insomnia, nervousness, inflammation and allergy.

WHITE MARSH-MALLOW – although it is effective in its entirety, healing ingredients is mostly concentrated in the root. For consumption is used and black marsh-mallow. In the respiratory problems is advised syrup from White Marsh-mallow, especially for children. Help with the respiratory problems, inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, nausea, kidney disease, cancer and gastritis.