Rosemary is an incredibly healthy herb as a traditional remedy used for centuries. It is a beautiful God’s cure for many diseases, and most of those people who have memory problems…

memoryIn Greece, students often put rosemary in their hair during the exam. Studies have shown that rosemary contains carnosic acid, which is struggling with toxic elements that affect the brain.

Rosemary is known since ancient times, and is mentioned as a cure for the brain and when Ophelia in Hamlet declares, “Behold, rosemary, it is prayer, love and remembrance.”

In modern medicine it is used as an analgesic and for migraine as well as in digestive problems.

Rosemary contains natural ingredients that provide our brain protein, which positively affects the functioning of the brain, and the brain works faster and faster decision-making. Studies show that rosemary also restores damaged DNA cells. A study of rosemary, where people breathe in the essential oil of rosemary, showed that the results are exceptional, the first group had a 60 to 75 percent more likely to remember things as opposed to the group that was not inhaling essential oil of rosemary.

Research has shown the existence of chemical compounds responsible for our memory. The main element that increases our memory is cineol. This research showed that people who have used rosemary in certain daily tasks, have better results.

Rosemary is effective in fighting mood swings, stress, improves memory and speed of thinking. The more absorbed cineol, the more you will achieve positive results.