The case of a baby the doctors did not provide a long life is the first case of healing type of leukemia for which previously believed to be incurable.laylaBaby’s life was saved with a therapy of specially designed immune cells manufactured by “Celletics”. One year old Leila from Great Britain was subjected to this experimental treatment after all other known therapies failed.

It is the treatment of cells which are genetically processed in a manner that those T-cells are added to the new genes are then prepared for anti-leukemia.

Leila’s family did not think too much when it appeared the experimental treatment option.

“It was a tough decision. It was the only decision we could chose. There was no other option. We did not want to go home and we do nothing. We wanted to try everything to save her,” said the girl’s mother Lisa.

The technology used in the modification of cells called TALEN or method of “molecular scissors” because the genes are literally cut to be practically invisible because they’d be by the strong medicine against leukemia otherwise destroyed. Then, the genes are “reprogrammed” to target and kill only leukemia cells.

“This means that we have a new option and we have something to do for children like Leila,” said Dr. Paul Wais, the leader of the team that Leila saved my life.

Although Leila well now, we cannot know for the future, says the father of the girl Ashley Richards. Doctors have warned that although this is a big step forward, it may not be applicable to all children, but Leila is a brave little girl, said Dr. Wais.