Diabetes is the illness seen everywhere in the world. These days we even hear kids get this and have to change diet habits all over. Those who have high glucose levels, have to take insulin to keep this up healthy. But we have good news, Ayurveda has the best natural method for lowering sugar. Lady finger is the veggie with amazing results. Or named okra, bhendi, bendakaaya and vendakaya.

This is the simple way to control diabetes:

Get 2 pieces okra and wash them well. Cut their ends. Make cut in the middle and put them in glass of water. Cover this glass overnight. In the morning remove the okras and sip this before you eat. Do this for 2 weeks and do a blood sugar test. You will be amazed.

Other lady finger benefits:

No heart issues

People often get heart problems due to high cholesterol. Pectin, the fiber in okra lowers this cholesterol and aids the heart. Okra also stops cancer since it has polyphenols. These items like quercetin, help to avoid oxidation in cholesterol and arteries are safer.

Weight loss

Those who need to lose weight must get this veggie. In 100 g there is JUST 33 calories.

Better mental work

Vitamin B9 or folate is basic here. This is needed for the cerebrum’s health and making new items.

Better immunity

This veggie has vitamin C. this makes immunity stronger and keeps you safe from illnesses. Also eat orange and amla for the C, both great as okra.

For pregnant women

Pregnant women benefit from okra since it has B9 folic acid, preventing deformities in the baby.

Cancer prevention

This stops cancer more than other veggies. Cells are safe from free radicals and diseases are stopped In the cells. Also it has fibers for digestion and less risk of colorectal cancer.