The carrot is a vegetable that attracts with its intense color and flavor to which few can resist. Every vegetable is healthy, and it must be used as often as possible…


carrotAlthough we mentioned in the title that carrots are healthiest vegetables, this does not mean that you do not need to eat other kinds of vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits should be an integral part of our diet, but we use this opportunity to write a few words about carrots. This does not mean that you should not eat cucumbers, tomatoes or eggplant, but contrary. Eat all the vegetables as coming the season of every individual vegetable plant.

It contains healthy sugars, carotene, vitamins and minerals, and precious dietary fiber, which regulate digestion and clean our liver. It is consist of more than 90% of water, and the rest are pro vitamin A, vitamin C, D and E, the sodium, potassium and calcium, and of easily soluble fibers containing pectin.

Because of all these substances carrot is an antioxidant, means for cleaning and body detoxification and treatment for diarrhea and anemia. In a word, carrot is the ideal energy foods and nutrients for the colder autumn days.

Research has shown that vitamin A from carrots plays an important role in improving the quality and health of the lining of the intestines and stomach walls. In the same way, this vitamin protects our lungs, throat and nose and thus prevents the formation of seasonal infections such as colds or flu.

Carrot has a beneficial effect on our skin. It stimulates the production of melanin, the pigment of the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles and renews surface skin cells.