The ingredient of ginger is excellent in the destruction of cancer stem cells responsible for tumor spread body, according to scientists from the University of Georgia.olive oilGinger is a root that is most commonly used in cooking and preparing cakes, and somewhat less often to facilitate health problems. For example, it relieves digestive problems, reduces inflammation, and has antibacterial properties and so on.

Scientists say it is more effective than chemotherapy and destroys only the cancer cells, unlike chemotherapy that destroys healthy ones.

They argue that thanks to ginger they reduced the size of tumors in the prostate as much as 54 percent.

This powerful recipe combines anti-cancer effects of garlic and ginger as the cure being more efficient. Also, garlic is also effective for breast, prostate, lung and bladder cancer. Ginger, on the other side, gave positive results in the treatment of colon cancer and prostate cancer.


  • 120g of garlic
  • 120g of powdered ginger
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil (15ml)


Mix mashed garlic and ginger powder in a bowl, and then add the olive oil. Stir well with a spoon so that the ingredients are united. Also, you may mix the ingredients with electric mixer to get a nice creamy mixture.

The resulting mixture can be used as a food additive, or directly take 1-2 teaspoons of this mixture daily.