People with zero blood type are special because they can give blood to all other types (in erythrocytes of blood group zero there is no factor that destroy someone else’s blood), but can receive blood only from their blood type.nultna-krvna-grupaBut that’s not all that makes them quite different from the others. They are more prone to certain diseases, but they also have some very powerful features which stand out in the population. Ability to lead, proactive, high energy and ability to always stay focused are some of the best quality people with zero blood type. They also know to be very powerful and productive.

On the other hand, they are more prone to certain diseases such as ulcers, thyroid dysfunction, low levels of thyroid hormones and iodine deficiency. These dysfunctions may cause undesired effects such as excessive body weight, and of water retention.

Since ancient times in Japan, the zero blood type associated with a certain type of character. At a job interview the Japanese are often asked about their blood type. People with blood group zero are described as responsible, committed, organized, focused, conscientious and practical. It is also believed that are better logicians than others. This is because their ancestors were hunters who were expected to observe and accurate assessment of the environment in order to survive.

When they are under stress can be so outraged, they become hyperactive and impulsive. Poor diet, lack of exercise, unhealthy habits and tendency to stress makes them vulnerable to the harmful metabolic processes, such as insulin resistance, slowed activity of the thyroid gland and obesity.

They also have higher levels of stomach acid than other blood groups, which often have a sensitive stomach and are prone to the occurrence of ulcers.

People with zero blood type should avoid caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine can be particularly harmful because it raises the level of adrenaline which is already high in people with this blood type. It is recommended to them to exercise 3 to 4 times a week.