A child is a toddler and is the youngest person ever cryogenically frozen in the hopes of one day be revived.

The decision to freeze came earlier this year after a two-year Matheryn Noavaratpong removed from the life support systems upon which ended because of terminal brain cancer. The girl was diagnosed with cancer after her parents, both doctors, urgently brought her to a hospital in Bangkok because she didn’t awake.cyronics_mainThe doctors found a brain tumor the size of eleven inches and have removed half of it by surgery. After the operation, her parents were told that the girl has very little chance of awakening from a coma. However, her father Sahatornu Naovaratpong was notified as soon his daughter regained consciousness.

– We have decided to fight with cancer – said Naovaratpong.

For the next few months the girl underwent numerous operations in which it was removed 80 percent of the left side of the brain. Although they took out everything they could, the cancer has spread to the whole brain.

– We realized that we had come to an end. Surrounded by family and relatives, we played with it and held it before we remove it from the system – said Naovaratponga.

Before the decision, the family has contacted the Alcor Life Extension Foundation (Alcor organization for the extension of life), one of the largest organizations providing cryo-freeze.

Aaron Drake, director of emergency services, said that the organization accepted Matheryn as a patient.

– We had hoped that the girl would be transferred to the hospital as soon as possible, but her condition deteriorated. Breathing became labored faster than expected and had to end up on life – said Drake.

The doctors removed perfusion of the brain and stored it in a container cooled with liquid nitrogen and vacuum isolated until her body is frozen. Matheryn will remain in that state until the discovery of drug and medical technology to her full recovery.

– Even though it was very hard to plan all the logistics, we are satisfied with the results. Her body is now being kept in Arizona and just waiting for the arrival of new technology – concluded Naovaratpong.