fingersFingers type A:


– You have a tendency to hide your feelings and you are often melancholic. Often pretending stronger and more independent than it is.

– You’re pretty emotional person.

– You are honest person; you hate lies, hypocrisy and deceit.

– Pretending to be strong and cool people. Do not show too much emotion.

– You’re a little eccentric and arrogant. You cannot tolerate many things.

– You have a big heart and want to help. You’ll end up any task if you do not like.

– Do not laugh but smile when you are not so funny.

– You are cold towards people who are not close to you, or you are very emotional to their loved ones.

Fingers type B:

– Do not take the initiative when you need to contact people.

– You’re very loyal. When you fall in love with someone you dedicate full attention and you will always think of that person.

– You are very sensitive, but not show it often.

– When you accept a job we will try to push through.

– You’re afraid of injuries. You pretend you are fine when you are alone, but you do not.

– You will remain calm even when you feel uneasy about someone’s behavior.

– You look like a strong and independent person who always speaks quite strongly even though you have a very soft heart and easily hurt you.

– You love to fantasize. You always imagine someone who will understand, to love and give you everything you want.

If you have a soil type C:

You will just ignore things that make you angry.

– You are very sensitive-not like a challenge. You do not like to do something that is unknown to you.

– Respect other people’s opinion.

– Sometimes you’re unbearable. Your ego is extremely high, but when you’re fighting with someone you are always the first excuse.

– Your feelings and keep problems for yourself.

– You love people trust you or depend on you.

– You have a soft heart that can easily get hurt. Therefore, whenever you apologize to someone you’ll forgive him because you cannot bear to have some disagreements with people.