How many times you have upset because of the forelock, while combing, always goes to the wrong side and you cannot do anything with it? You are able to put a ton of hair gel and light to calm, but even that does not help. Be angry all you want, but that forelock is your ‘guardian angel’.

sijeda-kosaScientists have found a certain relation between these “troubled forelocks” and genetic predisposition that protects the body against cancer. Namely, such forelocks have only those people who have so-called ” polarized cells.”

A protein that prevents cancer, is part of a large family of proteins that control cell division, DNA replication and cell self-destruction. The scientists gave that protein to insects in order to examine anticancer properties and noticed the strange phenomenon – forelocks.

Researchers assume that forelocks in humans have similar causes, but it could represent a revolutionary discovery if confirmed.

Therefore, every time you are not able to create the hair style you want, remember that those are your genes that protect you from cancer.

Future research will be carried out in order to take advantage of this phenomenon to produce a better and more effective chemotherapy.