The human body sends us signals, and if we ignore them we can get serious health problems. Here are a few messages that cannot be ignored, and which say that you are not as healthy as you think.


Although the majority of moles on the body are harmless and benign, some can be quite dangerous, especially those that are incurred sunbathing. Senile or actinic keratosis occurs due to the effect of the sun and its UV radiation and is considered to be precancerous skin changes.


The sclera is generally white in color, but other than sleep deprivation or cold, they may discover that something is wrong with your organism. Yellow whites of the eyes can be a sign of jaundice, problems with liver and gallbladder. Red may be a reflection of high blood pressure or conjunctivitis.

Chapped lips

Nasty cracks on the lips can be caused by changes in ambient temperature or wind. But cracks that often occur at the ends of the lips may indicate a lack of vitamin B and zinc. If cracking lips is somethingvery frequent it can be because of fungal infection.

Swollen Neck

If you notice that you look swollen, immediately go to a doctor. The island at the front is usually caused by problems with the thyroid gland, which is common in women between 20 and 50 years.

Loss of Eyebrows

The sudden loss of hair may be a sign of problems with the thyroid gland, hyperthyroidism – an overactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism – reduced thyroid gland. These changes are accompanied by hair loss.

Red Palms

Incandescent and red palms may cause dermatitis, eczema or allergic reactions to metals, medicines, food or drink. But also, this change may be a sign of difficult labor, and liver disease.