Do not wash your hair too often. If you exaggerate your hair will become brittle and prone to breakage. Most dermatologists and hair stylists agree that washing your hair every day is unnecessarily, but 3-4 times a week is enough.long and healthy hairWash your hair with cold water. Washing your hair with warm water harms your hair, and it will become hard and brittle. To make your hair shinier and healthier wash it with cooler water.

Comb your hair gently. Combing and tools that you use play an important role in the health of your hair. Use the combs to wet hair and combing knots, for separating strands of hair and hair forming. Use a brush to distribute the natural oils of hair, styling and combing while dry with the hair dryer. It is recommended brushes to be made of natural fibers, not plastic that will make your hair grease.

Do not tie it too often. Tight hairstyles like a ponytail and bun pulling your hair and prevent growth. Hair tie will weaken the hair and break it. It is also a burden on the scalp itself, leading to headaches and prevents the hair to take nutrients.

Cut your hair regularly. Although it may not appear so, regular cutting of the hair stimulates its growth. Because of the split ends hair weakens and breaks. Hair should be cut for about 2 cm every 6-8 weeks.