Luckily, fertility was eventually retained.

A nightmare for young women begins when they find out they are pregnant, and it is not planned. But, it was not the case with the teenager Olivia. One afternoon she ended up in hospital because she had severe pain in the stomach. Her stomach was swollen and hard, so doctors suspected of pregnancy.pregnatAs she made detailed research, it turned out that it was a tumor. There was no fetus in her womb, but a tumor that grew with the ovaries. The tumor was surrounded by a cyst of 10 kilos.

Cyst was the dimensions of an average watermelon. Although it was extremely large, not only it was not dangerous, but in this case, it saved Olivia’s life. It surrounded the tumor and not allowed to grow and metastasize in the body. It was a miracle!

She had tremendous luck that the tumor has not harmed the function of her reproductive organs, nor was affected her fertility.

Recently she received the news that the cancer was completely healed and now there is no more danger to life.