This is going to be one of those weird stories that you wouldn’t think would be possible, yet somehow happened in real life and is being spread around the Internet like wildfire! Much like the story we covered a few days ago about the frog that freezes up during the winter and thaws out during the spring, this story goes along the same vein but involves a frozen cat! Read on to see out it ends!

The Bingham family of Bear Lake, Utah were having fun in the snow and recording all of the magic on their GoPro camera. All of a sudden, they were shocked to find a cat that had appeared to have died from being frozen alive. They were convinced that they could save it, so they immediately brought it home to their fireplace. The family rubbed and petted the cat as hard as they could, hoping for some kind of a miracle. Even though all their efforts seemed fruitless, they kept on trying for over an hour.

With persistence and a burning belief that they could save the cat, eventually they saw the cat open and close its cute little eyes!

You can see the entire footage of the rescue below, from discovery of the cat to its eventual restoration!