This is the advice of skinny people who are not skinny because of genes, but who managed to introduce into their diet foods that have not a single gram of fat.

fatDo you think that women obsessively count calories to be skinny, do not be naive, we all like to enjoy the food.

The point is to eat wisely and to eat food that makes balance in your body. People who want to be slim eat pears.

They are ideal to feel no hunger and not gain weight.

Almonds are also very useful because block fat and reduce appetite.

They practically “force” the fat from other foods out of the body.

Green tea also can prevent many diseases and thereby accelerate the body, speeds up metabolism and burns fat.

Add honey and cinnamon, and hot peppers to each dish, because they not only improve the taste but also accelerate fat burning.

They destroy “tummy” that is difficult to remove.

And there are eggs and salmon.

The point is to find every day to eat a meal of some of the foods that have no calories and it means losing weight, and even more if you introduce food that further encourages and accelerates the metabolism, the results will be evident.

Remember, important is the balance in the food, not starvation.