Do you have problems with bones or you are often tired?

The solution for you may be an old drug by prescription of Japanese samurai!egssPrepare a health tonic to increase energy and bone health! The advantage of this drink is that it provides the body useful substances – vitamins, protein and calcium.

All you need for this kind of elixir is 150 ml apple cider vinegar and one medium egg. Wash the egg and place in a glass with apple vinegar and let stand for 7 days. It is best to use homemade vinegar.

Eggshell should be dissolved in the vinegar, leaving only the membrane that keeps the egg white and yolk, you need to tear. When you do this, the put the egg back into the vinegar and mix well.

To achieve the best possible effect, take daily 10 ml of this medicinal beverage, three times a day. This amount shall be dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water!