Nail fungus is an occurrence which is not pleasant to see and might have some serious consequences. Getting rid of the fungus is not an easy task, as synthetic drugs are just not efficient, so the fungus settles down and creates bigger problems. Nevertheless, there is a natural way in which you can solve this problem and get rid of the nail fungus forever. This solution is made of a couple of simple ingredients that every household has – apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

Fungi are a type of microorganisms that only survive in a limited pH range. Apple cider vinegar has acidic nature, while baking soda has alkaline one. When combined, these ingredients make up powerful mixture that disrupts the fungi’s environment, making them unable to survive for a long time. Using this simple method, you can eliminate the nail fungus with only two ingredients.


  • Baking soda
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • A basin
  • Warm water

Follow the procedure:

Put some apple cider vinegar in the basin, just enough so that you can submerge your nails in, and keep your feet in it for twenty minutes. Once you are done doing this, wipe your feet until they are dry and put some water in the basin. Now soak your feet in the water and keep them in it for another twenty minutes, and then add a cup of baking soda in it and leave your feet soaked in the water for fifteen to twenty more minutes. You can repeat the same procedure every day as many times you need.

When you use this treating method, make sure your feet are dry and clean. Also, every time you soak your feet into the basin, make sure they are completely dry and clean as well. When it comes to nail fungus prevention, you should avoid wearing shoes that are open near the toes, because the fungi love dark and humid environment. Also, make sure your nails are always trimmed, and regularly clean your nail tips using a brush and some tea tree oil.

After a few weeks, your problem with the nail fungus is going to be resolved. Apple cider vinegar has numerous health benefits, and one of them is treating nail fungus. You can find different brands of apple cider vinegar on the market; however, we suggest that you choose the brands that have the ‘mother’ substance floating at the bottom of the bottle. This substance is responsible for the juice conversion into vinegar, as well as for the most of its beneficial properties.